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 Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson

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PostSubject: Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:35 am

My Very Best Friend (Written on behalf of Michael Jackson)

Now that you are gone
and the days have slipped away.
My life is empty and confused.
When you left so suddenly,
that is when my heart filled with grief,
my very soul was torn apart,
took my breath completely from me.
I am so lonely without you.
What am I gonna do?
How am I to even make it through?
Somehow, I know
that I will still find strength from you.
That's what you would want me to do.
I know that you would lovingly say,
"Don't let your life just slip away,
just live it every day."
Without you I feel afraid,
like everything was taken away.
As I have learned in everything I do,
I treasure every moment,
just as I did all of those years with you.
Somehow, I'm going to find the strength
and draw off of your love
just as you used to do for me.
Time passes by so fast.
I came from what seemed
a long nightmarish dream.
Many times barely finding the strength
to just wake up every day.
I can only think of what was taken away.
I'm not angry about the way things are,
instead I thank God every day for your lucky star,
of being able to know you as I do,
also to be able to love you as I do.
Even though you were snatched away,
I can still embrace you with all of my love.
Memories, yes I have many.
Words I am unable to describe,
so many memories
that I have had during this long
but yet so very short journey
that I have traveled with you.
God has really blessed me with your love
even though my heart and soul feels
as though it has been so ripped into.
Every day, I just wonder as to how
I am going to even make it through,
just as I now do, every day without you.
You were my very best friend,
I loved you so much,
more than anyone can ever comprehend.
Yes, I do so much miss you,
how in the world am I going to make it without you?
When someone sees the tears flow from my eyes
they just will never understand,
you were indeed my very best friend.
I have taken for granted
that things would never change,
that everything would remain the same.
Again, I have been brought back to the realization
that we only have one day at a time to live our lives.
We commonly put off things for tomorrow
and so much take for granted that tomorrow
will always be there awaiting us.
I know that I've never met you,
but I feel that in my own way
so very well know you.
I've had many dreams where
we just sat and talked and did things,
you were like my very best friend.
You were there through my teenage years.
You were there when I was alone and needed a friend.
You were there when it seemed as though no one cared.
I can so easily identify with you.
We have so much in common,
in ways, I am so much just like you.
There were a few people who knew
that I liked you and they would laugh and tease,
and try to make fun of me.
But, I always stood my ground
because in you I found a friendship
that no one else could have.
Yes, I heard racial remarks made,
but I knew that in their ignorance
they could only be blinded by it.
July 15, 2009

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PostSubject: Love I Feel . . .   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:08 am

I'm never going to ever stop
at trying to get to the very top.
To reach the ultimate limit of success,
to be better ahn all of the rest.
I've always wanted to be with you, yes!
I've set my goals,
I've had achievements,
but this one wish at times
has been of grievance.
Through all of the years
I've wished and cried, however
not once has this wishful thinking ever died.
Some say hopeless,
some say untrue,
but this is love I feel for you.
When doubt tries to fill my mind
I talk to your pictures and ask myself why?
Through all of those years of true believing
I know for sure that I will succeed it.
There will never be a need to ask why,
for I know this dream will never die.
Though if it takes a million years,
I will never shed a doubtful tear,
for I know that in the end
you will be there as my true friend.
Some say hopeless,
some say untrue,
but this is love I feel for you.
At times, when I knew things seemed bad,
I on occasion felt alone and sad.
For a few brief seconds or so
I began to wonder where this dream would go.
I cried and cried,
tears flowed from my eyes.
I saw such sadness on your face
you wouldn't believe how bad I wished
that I could be there with you,
a time when I knew you really needed a friend.
Please don't judge and call me a bother
for I have no such friend
to be albe to feel such magic and inspiration with.
You are my propeller in life
a comforter for when I'm so alone,
a friend for when in life,
things I don't know.
"Stand up" you say,
"proud and tall, be a comfort to us all.
For I love you dear and true.
You are my sweetheart, yes, you."
Some say hopeless,
some say untrue,
but this is love I feel for you.
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Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Only You   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:11 am

When I'm near you
I can't always find the right words to say.
I'm overwhelmed when I'm in your presence.
I enjoy your wonderful laughter.
Your smile just lights up a room.
Your sense of humor has no limits.
Whenever you are near,
all of my troubles disappear.
I can't believe that this is real,
with us feeling what we feel.
I couldn't even of imagined
someone as good as you.
You're all I've ever wanted,
a friendship so dear and true.
When I am unable to even think,
I dream only of you.
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Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Yesterday . . .   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:15 am

For a few brief seconds in time,
you lingered and drifted within my mind.
There's nothing worse than loving someone
and they never love you back.
There's nothing worse than feeling fulfillment
that feels above and beyond anything
that you could ever imagine.
You love them and they give you
that distant stare as though it had drifted away,
like you had said nothing.
I've let so much time pass me by.
Wishing, dreaming. Why?
Always afraid to let anyone know,
just how far they might be able to do.
Though it seems as miles away,
a light at the end of the tunnel
will soon reveal the way.
Everything that happened to me
is now just a distant memory.
Yesterday is gone.
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Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Again   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:17 am

I find myself thinking of you again.
I know that you've heard me say this
at least a million times before.
Again, I have feelings so strong.
Again, I miss you all day long.
Again, I long to hold you so lovingly in my arms.
To feel your body next to mine.
Yes, I want you all of the time.
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PostSubject: Want You   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:21 am

Baby, I want you in my life.
Been searching for you day and night.
I've been hoping and dreaming.
But, I've never been able
to find someone like you.
If only I could help you to see,
that falling in love with me
could be the greatest thing to do.
Because baby, i'm falling
so deeply in love with you.
I think of you night and day,
yet, each time I find,
that being so close to you,
just takes my breath away.
I wish that you could stay.
Now, I've got you on my mind,
feeling your heartbeat every time.
The mere thought
of holding your hands in mine.
Touching you so very close
just runs chills right through my spine.
You make me very weak in the knees,
my whole body just goes numb.
Whether just thinking of you
or holding you in my arms,
I am so fulfilled.
It's so right just being with you.
Jan 24, 2005
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Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: My Special Friend   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:53 am

I cherish all of the precious moments
when we are together.
Just being able to have someone
that I can completely trust
is the most amazing feeling.
To have someone with whom I can talk to
and not have any reservations
of what to say,
or whether I am going to say
something right or wrong.
No matter where we are,
time goes by very fast, but somehow
slows down when you go.
i know you can feel
my love and affection for you,
although, I never say a thing.
I simply just don't want
to push you away.
I'm not sure
of how you really feel,
though sometimes, I think I do.
Somehow, now, I must let you know.
I am who I am, not an illusion.
I'll give you all of the love that
you can possibly stand.
I think a lot of you,
and you are my very special friend.
When I'm with you,
I can do nothing but smile.
Since the beginning,
I've always enjoyed your sweet "hello's."
I've thought of everything to give to you,
but the only thing
is to give all of myself to you.
That is something I've never done with anyone.
But now, I really want to.
if you want someone to hold you,
and have someone who cares,
all you have to remember,
is that I will always be there.
Jan 25
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Location : North Carolina, USA

PostSubject: Another Dream   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:56 am

Early this morning,
I woke up from a dream,
holding you close and so gently.
You were lying next to me.
So passionately we were kissing
and I felt so good inside.
It felt so real,
when I woke up,
almost cried.
If only I could
make this dream come true,
I'd be laying right next to you.
I remember you talking to me,
with your words so clear,
yet, I can still hear
your voice in my mind.
Wish it wasn't a dream,
'cause boy it did seem
as though my dreams
had finally come true.
And you know
I'd give anything
to have you here with me.
Jan 25
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PostSubject: Imagine This . . .   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:03 am

Imagine this,
the way I feel,
the way you feel,
the way we feel together.
When I close my eyes,
I'm holding you tight
in my mind, baby.
I'm not thinking
of being alone, any.
I just wanna hold you tight,
right next to me.
I want to feel your heartbeat.
and when I touch you,
I'm not messing around any.
I'll be so gentle and loving
that it'll blow your mind, maybe.
But anyway, I'm not gonna lie any.
My whole body
goes numb being with you.
Laying next to you,
the way we do.
Just imagine this,
the way we feel is . . .
it's so right
and I want you to be mine.
Every time we're together,
wanna hold you tight, yes, forever.
But, I know time will fly by,
oh, so fast,
don't know why.
But imagine,
I wanna know how you feel,
is your love for me just as real,
as true, genuine
like the way I feel about you.
Is it baby?
I love to hold you
so very close in my arms.
Feels so good,
just brings tears to my eyes.
Yes, it takes my breath
completely away.
Never before I must say,
"No, I've never felt this way."
Only you feel as though. . .
I want you to know.
I imagine me and you
every day, yes I do.
When I touch you tonight,
I want to forget
everything else but you.
Imagine this,
I can touch you so gently
with my hand,
rubbing your arm,
right down to your toes.
The feeling of your warm skin
feels so wonderful right now.
Just as I'm massaging you
in every way
that I can do or know how.
Man, just touching you
is mind blowing.
I love the way it feels to me
as I gently touch you
and you gently touch me.
The feeling of your hands
touching me so close,
going up and down my body
to places you so well know.
My favorite thing to do
is kiss you up and down,
from your tender lips
and all around.
God only knows what I like to do,
maybe just be making love to you.
When you're holding me so tight,
I want you so much,
maybe I just might do it all again,
starting with your hand,
sliding down to wherever it may,
imagine that.
Jan 16/Feb 6
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PostSubject: It Doesn't Matter   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:12 am

It doesn't matter
what you did,
what you've done.
Not even of how
you've felt about others.
What matters
is how we feel
about each other now.
I'm not going
to judge you by your past.
All that matters
is who you are now.
Just be loving
and affectionate,
that's all I need.
What's real
is our trust for each other.
Who cares really
of what's been done,
what's been said.
We both know,
we are not able
to erase the past.
There's just no way
that we're not going
to make mistakes,
not now or ever.
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PostSubject: Early This Morning   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:15 am

Early this morning
I woke up in a sweat.
Thinking about you
and all that you said.
Realizing that
it's not over yet.
I feel so much pain,
because I know the mistakes,
i can't do them again.
I think of you so much
that my heart aches everyday.
if only you could take the time
so we could start over again.
By mid morning
you cam my way,
looking all tired
and so very much frayed.
Feeling very sorry
for our past mistakes.
So darling,
I'll take you right in my arms.
As long as you still love me,
you don't have to be afraid.
"Cause I'll be right here for you
time and time again.
Yes, darling I'll always love you,
because I know
that our love is lasting
and so do you.
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PostSubject: Alone   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:21 am

I'd rather be alone
than to be hurt again.
So many memories already
of what has been.
I constantly envision
of someone who will one day
love me for who I am.
Just holding me close.
No, I'm not searching
for a perfect guy.
Just would like
to have someone
who wants me for who I am.
Someone who is willing
to spend time getting to know me.
Someone who can listen,
someone who will not judge me.
Would like someone
who can comfort me
through the good times and bad.
Someone who is not going
to argue and yell
if they become frustrated or angry.
Someone who can help me
with the downfalls of life.
Someone with whom
can tell me that they love me
without me having to constantly ask.
Someone who can hold me
lovingly in their arms
and not demand or expect.
Someone who does not criticize
or bring my self respect to a bare nothing.
Someone who can occasionally
have me laughing until it hurts,
and yet, have me crying
without any given reason
just because I am so fulfilled inside.
Someone who can rub my body
when life's work causes aches and pains.
Someone with whom
I can spend many hours of the day with
just lying next to them.
Most of all,
someone who just fulfills
the loneliness there is inside.
I'd rather be alone
if there is no such thing.
Feb 15
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PostSubject: Always Thinking   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:36 am

Late at night,
when you're falling asleep,
I'm thinking of you,
hoping you're dreaming of me
and holding me tight.
You are so wonderful and special too.
And you can find me here
always thinking of you.
I think that you are
so special in every way,
and the way that you smile
and the sparkle in your eyes
in the morning light.
I'm hoping
that you will always be near.
I'm always thinking
of your sweet touch,
and the way you feel
just drives me nuts!
I feel as though
could be losing my mind,
either that,
or you are just driving me wild!
Always thinking
of your precious smile.
The wink of your eye brow.
When you gently
hold me in your arms,
I feel love
and all of your wonderful charm.
Your soft hand touching mine,
so caressing, yet,
when I see your smile,
I find myself drifting
into another world.
Slipping away,
so goes the night,
feels as though you just arrived,
often leaving my sight.
Somehow, I still often feel
as though it hasn't
or maybe never will be as real to you,
as it is now for me.
Just know that I love you still,
and I'm always thinking
of what a special friend you are.
Changed my life around
in such a profound way.
Even if no commitments
are ever made,
I can years from now,
know that I will
always be thinking of you.
Just hope that my heart
doesn't get lost
in all these thoughts.
Don't want to know
that I will still feel
the same way,
every day of every year.
Always be thinking
of my very best friend.
Hope you don't break my heart,
tear it apart.
I know that dreams
do come true,
because baby
I'm feeling it with you.
All I dream of is tonight.
Holding you close here
always by my side.
I may have hoped too much,
but I don't dream small.
All I want
is for you to fall in love with me.
I've got my dreams up high,
got my hopes up to the sky.
Didn't know
that I'd fall in love with you.
Don't want you to think
I'm taking advantage of you,
because holding you is really
all I want to do.
Thoughts so strong,
lifelike, envisioning,
could just reach out and touch.
Thinking of how things are
when I'm with you.
Slow down baby,
I like it when
you drive me crazy.
The special feelings inside,
and everything
that goes through my mind.
I've got you by my side now.
I've got a feeling
that you're starting to fall for me.
Would like
to spend more time with you,
prove me that I'm wrong.
I though
that I would never love again,
that's when I met you.
Now this time
it's more real than ever before.
I can't believe it's
happening to me.
Envision me in your mind,
and I will hold you
close by my side.
I promise,
I'll never hurt you like she did.
I could only love you instead.
Don't think it's fair
when others hurt you so bad.
Doesn't give me much of a chance
to prove myself and how I really am.
I'm just thinking
of how special you make me feel.
I just can't imagine
how it would feel if I woke up one day
only to realize
that it was all just a dream.
I think it's important
for you to know
that I care about you so dearly.
Truly, I would like for things
to remain the way they are.
Everything feels so right,
especially when
I hold you in my arms.
Your warm body next to mine.
Wish I could describe how I feel.
All I ever really wanted was,
all I ever dreamed of.
Just thinking about you.
It's amazing how you shot
an arrow of love
right through my heart.
Came into the darkness
and tore it completely apart.
The love in your eyes
forever flowing deep to my sould.
Somehow, I've lost complete control
of who I thought I'd ever be.
A glow comes over me
like a bright light
that takes all of life's worries away,
shining, yet so bright, blinding,
almost can't see.
There's nothing holding
or stopping me now,
all of the worries I had
are completely gone.
Thought I'd always live
with brick walls guarding my heart,
was beginning to wonder
if there even
was such a thing as true love.
Really thought and believed that
it was just some make believe feeling
that everyone else had made up.
Falling in love slowly,
not able to control
the feelings or emotions.
Completely out of control over you.
It wasn't anything you said or done,
it just happened.
Just being with you,
holding your body next to mine,
feels so right every time.
I hope that you never turn away,
because if you do,
you'll take
every bit of my heart with you.
It would shred into a million pieces.
How in the world
could I fall so far away with you?
The moment you came into my life,
I knew instantly
there was at least a s spark,
a flickering flame.
A long time ago,
long before we both even knew,
I was even then
attracted so deeply to you.
Awaiting your "hello's,"
your sweet and wonderful smile.
Thinking of you probably then,
maybe, too often.
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PostSubject: It's My Fault   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:20 pm

It's my fault for loving you like I do.
Thinking that someday you'd be with me,
even though in reality,
I knew that it wasn't really true.
I hoped each day when we were together,
that someday, you'd fall in love.
Instead, you always just said you cared.
Always spent your time elsewhere.
It's my fault for thinking
that you'd someday be with me.
I was the one who wanted genuine affection.
I wanted something to be special between us.
I should have known from the very beginning
that it would never be.
I don't regret the time we spent
or the special times when I felt actual love.
You opened up a doorway
that I never knew was there.
So many times, I think back
to when I felt on top of the world.
For the first time in my life,
I learned that i could trust
and actually really care.
I had for so long thought
that my heart was so protected
that it had no love left.
You wrapped your arms around me,
and smiled deep inside my heart.
I trusted you and felt so fulfilled.
You never told me that you loved me,
but I know that I did.
I'm so glad you came into my life.
I will always treasure you in my heart.
May 2, 2005
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PostSubject: You   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:28 pm

It's late again, just thinking of you.
My heart is aching, breaking into.
It's all over, in a moment,
I'm feeling the pain again.
To think that it's over,
tearing my heart into.
Because maybe, baby,
I don't know what to do.
From the moment I met you,
I already knew,
with each tender kiss
and from your holding me too.
I feel lost in the moment.
I just want you near me,
right by my side.
I can't make you love me,
wouldn't even try,
not that I'm not thinking
of how or why.
You've got your brick walls
built around you.
Someone else treated you bad.
Somehow, I wish
that you wouldn't
block me completely away.
How am I going to continue
this escapade of the ups and downs?
I feel like I'm on
a roller coaster ride in the dark.
Don't know which way my heart is headed.
If I decide to go somewhere else,
I could hurt your heart more than ever before.
I know you can't comprehend
how much I really care about you.
Just wish that you could understand
and open up your love.
I've waited a very long time
for someone like you to come into my life.
In fact, i don't believe
that I will ever feel anything like this again,
no matter how long I live.
I'm just dying inside
to spend more time with you.
There's something about you
that I want to get to know better.
With each kiss from you,
it's just tearing my heart
even more than ever before.
I could kiss you day and night
never stopping because it feels that good.
Your tender affection
drifts me into another world and
I feel so complete.
Each moment you're with me,
it feels so good.
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PostSubject: It Was Only A Dream   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:33 pm

I woke up this morning, just thinking of you,
lost in the moment.
Thoughts of you looking me in the eyes
and telling me that you felt
as though you were in love with me.
It wasn't too long ago when we first met.
I remember seeing you watching me go by.
All I really wanted to do was just say, "Hi."
But, I was too afraid of what you might say,
so I just kept going the other way.
If only I had met you years ago,
I could have eliminated so much pain.
I wouldn't feel at all the same that i do now.
There wouldn't be a "wall."
There wouldn't be such feelings of "what if he does..."
Wouldn't have to be struggling all alone.
No, don't get me wrong.
I love you more than even before.
I love you more than anyone I've ever known.
I guess it just takes time.
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PostSubject: Ever Since   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:48 pm

When I first met you,
I felt on top of the world.
Your loving arms wrapped around me,
it just felt so right.
Your tender kisses
simply just melted my heart,
I wanted to believe
that this would last forever,
even then from the beginning,
I knew it would one day end.
You had your heart elsewhere,
even though you were whispering
sweet words in my ear.
Things I've always wanted
someone to say like,
"It feels so good
and so right being with you."
I'd listen for hours,
to your heartaches and pain,
telling me of your mistreatments,
of how someone did you wrong.
I would hold you in my arms
and kiss your sweet lips,
it felt so good and oh so right.
I really wanted you by my side,
more than just one single night.
The simple things
like holding me in your arms,
was all I really needed,
having a friend, not being alone.
I felt like for the very first time in my life
that I could actually fall in love,
my mind drifted for hours.
I felt like the luckiest person in the world.
No other woman alive
could ever have such a closeness so true,
even though I was still deep
in my heart and mind wishing
that I could spend more time with you.
Many months passed by,
I heard you always make excuses
of whatever to come by.
I never got a single chance
to actually really know
you or have a real romance.
I've learned from the past already,
of not trying to make something come true,
of reliving the past,
of digging up feelings
that you may have thought could be.
I felt a deep hurt come over me,
when you ignored my questions or curiosity.
Of why you suddenly
seemed to stop our friendship,
the times when we would spend alone,
without a moment's notice,
it was all over with.
Being as that we never argued or fought,
never had a problem of respecting each other,
I simply will never understand.
I can only assume
that deep in your heart,
you are still in love with someone else.
Maybe your feelings are still hurt
from things that happened years ago.
Really, I would rather not even know.
The curiosity is not even there.
No, it's not that I do not care.
I had strong feelings for you.
It may have been something
that could even of been long lasting to you.
There is no bitterness, anger or pain.
It hurt for a while,
until I understood one day,
that it was time for me to move on,
that it was never really meant
for either of us to be together.
Someone, somewhere is one day
going to love me and really care.
You've opened up a locked and bolted door,
you became my friend.
Yes, a very special friend,
I always trusted you from the very start.
I don't regret anything that's been done or said.
My life simply changed in a moment's notice,
ever since the very first day.
Sept 4, 2005
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PostSubject: All I Want   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:06 pm

All I really want is you.
You are every single wish
and dream come true.
I think about you day and night,
never really having
you leave my mind.
I think and wish of things to say,
only now do i realize
that I love you everyday.
All I want is to be with you.
I'm hoping and wishing that you do too.
My life has been one very long dream,
never really always being
where I wanted to be.
Now since you came along,
the joys of life are all day long.
The lonely feelings are now gone,
there is a happiness now,
all of the bad feelings have faded
and completely disappeared.
Life is now really worth living
and there is no more crying.
All that I've ever wanted was you,
just to feel you in my heart,
and on my mind too.
For years, I cried
from heartache and pain
wondering why someone
would want to make me cry.
I've felt the loneliness
always lingering nearby
but I refuse to always feel this way.
There's got to be a better way
of feeling love that's true
even if it means being alone,
or maybe just with you.
I can't resist happiness
and wanting what's right,
love to feel you by my side,
holding me close.
Because all that I've ever wanted was you.
Sept 2005
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PostSubject: To You   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:14 pm

Here I am, I'm willing to give my all to you.
I'm taking a chance, a shot in the dark.
I'm willing to give you my heart.
Speak and say how you feel,
it's okay if you don't want to fall in love
or maybe not even feel deep desire in your heart.
After so many times of others breaking our pride,
so deep down inside, you can become so numb,
literally feeling nothing inside.
But, I will admit that there is hurt and heartache
that somehow may hide.
What is the point in keeping
the past memories so near,
it for me is just a fear,
maybe getting closer
than I've ever felt or known.
Often afraid of the unknown,
rather than of to what kind of pain.
It's sad but so true,
every time that I start over with someone new,
it's different in every way.
Sometimes you make friends,
then other times you may be wishing
that it had never been.
You can never escape the memories,
either good or bad.
You will always remember the good times,
like when you laughed.
Year after year goes by,
every time a tear to cry,
either from loneliness or pain,
or wonderful memories to obtain.
I see life so different now,
enjoying living some way, some how.
It really doesn't matter
if I find the right guy,
what matters is did I even try.
I'm letting go of bitterness and pain,
things that hold me back,
in it there's nothing to gain.
Simply just being who I am,
trying to get back some of the small dreams
that I once had when I was a kid.
Somehow, living an every day to day life
drains your fantasies
and you can easily forget to really live life.
Sept 2005
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PostSubject: You Don't Know Me   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:17 pm

The unknown life I am to now live,
is forever challenging, forever it seems I give.
I will try not to judge or become a bother.
Before you become jealous or feel afraid,
be prepared to just open up your heart and mind.
I promise not to hurt your heart,
hopefully not even one time.
Yes, I have loved only a very few times before,
but no one really had what I was searching for.
I've made a few friends along the way,
that's all I probably could have hoped for anyway.
Somehow, I saw in you something lingering,
something special inside that I really need.
Throughout life, I've had a few friends,
but I never said anything to them.
I've watched a few just come and go,
especially the crazed ones who just wanted me for a show.
I've honestly never let anyone near to my heart,
not even any of the boyfriends in whom did part.
Not even my ex husband, could I let near,
all he ever did really was just cause me tears.
Please don't ask me to explain why,
other than the fact that I see things so differently now.
I'm trying to expose my inner self to you,
the vulnerable side that is trying to come through.
The soft side of my loving heart.
Every day I will so hard try.
I will not put expectations upon your shoulders,
just be yourself and only time will tell.
Oct 2
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PostSubject: Your Smiles   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:22 pm

I've waited for so long
just to see your wondrous smiles,
glowing on your face all the while.
I could just love you forever
and become mesmerized,
forever feeling hypnotized.
With each gentle kiss,
I feel a fringe of love within,
literally numbing my body,
unable to move.
This is how I feel when I'm with you.
Somehow, your smiles just brighten my days,
and I feel genuine love in every way.
Someway, somehow,
I just really love your precious smiles.
It doesn't matter how I may have felt all day long.
When you smile at me, nothing is feeling wrong.
Oct 4 2005
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PostSubject: That's Not Love   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:31 pm

I don't see genuine love
when I look into your eyes.
I only see an emptiness,
it is as if I'm not even there.
When you hold me in your arms,
I don't feel that loving embrace,
neither do I see,
a glow upon your face.
No matter how hard I may wish or try,
never do I ever see a reason why.
When you smile and say, ""Hello"
there is no genuine tenderness there.
For if it is it does not show.
For when you see me for that few brief moments,
I feel as though I've completely left your mind.
I'm forgotten and not remembered until the next time.
When you are alone are you thinking of me?
Have you forgotten the tender loving side of me?
How in the world could you all of a sudden disappear?
As though a night long forgotten,
as much as I loved you my dear.
There is no glow in your eyes,
just a distant glare I see,
it seems as though
you don't even care.
That's not love
when you constantly try to avoid,
hoping that maybe someone else
is going to fill your voids.
You can kiss and hold
whomever you may wish,
but if you do not truly love them,
there is absolutely nothing behind that kiss.
You are instead going to break a few hearts,
tear women emotionally apart.
For they also will dream and watch
so many days go by,
wondering if you love them,
indeed they dare not to ask why.
For they will too hope and dream,
thinking about what they soon hope will be.
But if you only hug and kiss,
that's not love, no matter who you're with.
Go far beyond the hurt and pain,
why dwell on the past,
it can drive anyone insane.
For in one way or another,
we have to somehow overcome
what has happened,
yes, it's that way with everyone.
I can only but to try,
to find someone, that Mr. Right.
For I know that in the end,
it is just the beginning.
Oct 7
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PostSubject: Imagination   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:41 pm

I must be crazy or losing my mind,
for the way that I'm feeling most of the time.
The places that my imagination does go,
it sometimes seems just as though,
everything that I do or write,
doesn't it seem to be based upon my life?
I can completely get lost and dream away,
oh, the many places
that my imagination does stay.
Just a simple kiss, or a glimmering smile,
the way someone walks
or a single wave of a hand, a gesture,
or a tear upon someone's face,
has a story behind everyone's face.
Even though it seems so real,
maybe a thought or a special moment
I will try to reveal.
The color of a beautiful sky,
or maybe a bird just flying by.
Oh, the crazy places my mind could be,
trapped in this imagination
that I so very often see.
Do not judge and think
that I'm writing about someone in particular,
for you could be completely wrong,
for I constantly hear words,
and make up silly songs.
Yes, I constantly write and have ideas.
I don't always want to sit and type,
but the words will become loud and flowing
until this short poem I must write.
It may stay constantly in my mind,
or it may fade just as soon as it came,
only to be gone.
Sometimes, I just get fragments here and there,
those are the ones that my imagination is working on.
Oct 7
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PostSubject: A Reason Why   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:50 pm

There is always a reason
why things happen the way
they always do in my life.
Through all heartaches,
downfalls and pains,
I see you in the near distance
just wanting me to stay.
There is a reason
why things always turn out
the way they do,
maybe perhaps just so
I could just be with you.
a lot of times we may question as to why,
but does it really matter
when things don't always go as planned,
should we really think
that it was in our best interest to even begin with.
always be careful as to what you may wish for.
If you always get what you think you want,
your heart could be broken for sure.
Things are not always as they appear to be;
however, this time with just a little faith,
I will always try to mend your heart
and see it through,
until if you ever say that you don't want me too.
Even I must always try to take chances,
sometimes knowing that I may cry.
No one ever told me in the beginning,
that in an attempt to find that special guy,
you will have your heart broken quite a few times.
Only a very lucky few seem to find the right person,
even before you do.
Though they may have a smile upon their face,
they may not be happy,
inside their heart also can break.
Oct 7
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PostSubject: Glimpse Of Love   Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:59 pm

Yesterday wasn't that far away,
the love I feel,
is now just lingering in my mind.
Laying motionless, just being here,
I had to come to the reality of all the things.
i once had feared.
With a glimpse of love,
yet still in my mind,
I often wonder as to the reason why.
Drifting into another time and place,
I see your smiles, your wonderful face.
How I love to hold you tight,
each moment is like forever.
Freezing time, I'd never let it go,
for on your face now,
your love finally does show.
I've always wanted someone special,
someone who would understand.
It's so hard to believe that I've finally
found that special man
I've searched for years,
and it was quite a long
and winding road to travel,
my heart got broken,
at times, my life was shattered.
I've seen a glimpse of love,
at a time when I was wondering
if it would ever be so.
What exactly is love?
It's a special feeling deep down inside,
when you just are not able
to get the person off your mind.
When you feel like you are completely fulfilled,
when your heart stops aching
and everything is suddenly real.
The loneliness is completely gone,
there is complete trust,
no one is jealous or saying that something is wrong.
There is no judging of someone's past,
of things that may have happened that did not last.
Overlooking the simple faults,
loving the person and holding them close,
always knowing that they will be nearby,
whenever there is ever a tear to cry.
Through the good times and the bad,
they will be there for you in your time of need.
they will hold you late into the night,
fulfill the needs when things don't go quite right.
Forever, they will smile and always be near,
just because they love you and they will make it clear.
You won't have to wonder or dream,
because they will tell you that they love you,
that's when the reality will become true,
when that special person is holding you.
Oct 8
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Glimpse Of Love -- Poems Written by: CP1982Jackson
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